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Carrion Road

by Dale Hartley Emery

Alone on an empty, eerie road in the middle of the Sacramento Delta, Carla fumes at the boyfriend who abandoned her. The sun sets. A car appears. A pleasant looking couple offers wary Carla a ride.

The fare: “Tell us the story.”

Not just any story: The story.

But this is one story Carla would rather not reveal to complete strangers.

Or to herself.

A contemporary fantasy short story from Dale Hartley Emery.

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Publication Date: March 22, 2014

Paperback $4.99 | 1-63261-005-1 | 978-1-63261-005-8 | 40 pages

Ebook $2.99 | 1-63261-002-7 | 978-1-63261-002-7