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The Curse of the Soiled Doves

by Dale Hartley Emery

As California’s Department of Thaumaturgy battles a deepening drought, a mysterious force limits the flow of magic in downtown Sacramento.

Tasked to find an answer, Purvis Klemp—Senior Advisor to the Chief of Staff of the Thaumaturge General of the State of California—must entertain all manner of crackpot theories.

When the latest crackpot offers the most outlandish theory of all, Purvis must struggle to keep his cool… and to keep his job.


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Publication Date: July 1, 2016

Paperback $4.99 | 1-63261-021-3 | 978-1-63261-021-8 | 54 pages

Ebook $2.99 | 1-63261-020-5 | 978-1-63261-020-1

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Winding Unwinding

by Dale Hartley Emery


Five worlds very like our own. Five kinds of magic winding tighter and tighter. Five extraordinary people struggling to keep their lives from unwinding.

A magical tailor ruins a wedding dress days before the wedding. A woman hitches a ride from peculiar strangers on a lonely road. A student demands a refund from a master negotiator, and wins more than he ever bargained for. Two young brothers fight for their lives in a funhouse. A grieving widower’s outhouse overflows with memories… and something worse.

Peek through the keyhole into these five fantastic stories from Dale Hartley Emery.

Winding Unwinding includes these fine stories:

Each story is also available as a standalone book.


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Publication Date: August 11, 2014

Paperback $10.99 | 1-63261-010-8 | 978-1-63261-010-2 | 130 pages

Ebook $5.99 | 1-63261-011-6 | 978-1-63261-011-9