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by Dale Hartley Emery

Curtis Poole’s estranged daughter dies, leaving him with fading memories of her and vivid memories of his actions that carved the decade-long rift in their relationship.

With all hope of reconciliation severed, Curtis grasps for redemption through the people his daughter loved.

But redemption proves elusive, and the questions Curtis asks all lead in the one direction he most fears to follow.

A short story from Dale Hartley Emery about the things we leave behind and the things we hold onto.


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Publication Date: September 8, 2015

Paperback $4.99 | 1-63261-018-3 | 978-1-63261-018-8 | 15 pages

Ebook $2.99 | 1-63261-019-1 | 978-1-63261-019-5